Legionella Risk Assessment Bromley
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Legionella Training Courses Croydon

Water System Cleaning and Disinfection

Legionella Training Courses Croydon

Regular cleaning and disinfection is vital in order to maintain hygienic water systems, and to improve the condition and efficiency of operating plant and equipment. The current Health and Safety Recommendations ACOP (L8), referring specifically to the control of legionellosis and legionnaires’ disease, recommends regular cleaning and disinfection of the following types of plant:

1) Cold water storage tanks
2) Hot water calorifiers
3) Cooling towers and evaporative condensers
4) Water softeners
5) Humidifiers
6) Shower heads
7) Spa baths
8) Horticultural misting systems
9) Car and bus washes
10) Indoor fountains and water features

While cooling towers and other equipment such as humidifiers can be disinfected using specialist chemicals, domestic water systems can either be chemically or thermally disinfected. However, in order for any disinfection method to work effectively, it is critical that the water systems are cleaned by specialists prior to the introduction of chemicals.

Amphibia’s consultants can provide customers with advice on which disinfection method is most suitable for them. We promise to provide a cost effective solution with minimal system down time. For your peace of mind, all our disinfectants are food grade and approved for use in drinking water by the regulatory authorities. Furthermore, our disinfection methods comply with the highest standards including BS8558.

Domestic water systems and a number of industrial processes are prone to deposition and corrosion during installation, commissioning and operation. These problems can result in a loss of efficiency and may present potential health risks if hazardous micro-organisms are present. Amphibia provide a professional cost effective Pre-Commission cleaning service for newly installed commercial and industrial water systems.

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Legionella Risk Assessment Bromley



Legionella Risk Assessment Bromley