Legionella Risk Assessment Bromley
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Legionella Risk Assessment Bromley

Water and Air Management Programmes

Water and air management programmes involve carrying out a range of routine tasks throughout the year specifically to ensure each system either
meets or exceeds statutory requirements. The type of tasks and there frequencies are specified in your Legionellosis Risk Assessment and will vary
from site to site (depending on risk) but may include for example,

1) monthly sentinel outlet temperature checks
2) monthly or six monthly detailed plant inspections
3) servicing of any water treatment systems
4) water system cleaning / disinfection.

Bacteriological monitoring is also an important aspect of any good management programme as it provides indicators to water or air quality.

Contamination can occur in any part of a system if control measures are inadequate or not reviewed regularly. In fact, 70% of all water and air systems tested in recent research showed signs of bacteriological contamination including Legionella pneumophila the species that can cause Legionnaires' disease. As the normal operation and design of most water and air systems can allow contaminants to transfer into the atmosphere, building occupants and others in the vicinity may be at risk. Vulnerable areas for contamination include:

1) Cold water storage tanks
2) Hot water calorifiers
3) Cooling towers and evaporative condensers
4) Spray humidifiers
5) Showers
6) Spa Pools
7) Pipework
8) Air conditioning systems
9) Industrial process systems.

For this reason, it is vital to implement an ongoing management programme to monitor these systems and any precautions taken to control health risks.

Our experienced Team of service technicians, consultants, microbiologists and chemists are on hand to prepare a 'site specific' Management Programme to ensure health risks are controlled strategically at a minimal cost for our clients. To ensure any test results remain completely impartial, analysis is always undertaken by independent UKAS accredited laboratories. Furthermore, our unique 'Sample Coding System' (exclusive to Amphibia) is used to ensure complete protection of our clients identity.

All management programmes meet or exceed all relevant standards including ACOP (L8), NHS HTM 04-01 and water quality sampling is carried out in accordance with BS7592.

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