Legionella Risk Assessment Bromley
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Legionella Risk Assessment Bromley

System Upgrades and Refurbishment

Legionella Risk Assessment Croydon

In order that our customers can meet current Water Regulations and Health and Safety recommendations, Amphibia provide a full range of system upgrade and refurbishment options, covering a variety of water systems. No system upgrade or refurbishment task is too large or small to receive Amphibia's professional care and attention.

Our experienced Team work with customers to develop cost effective and practical solutions to their refurbishment needs. Because we choose not to manufacture anything ourselves, all our work is entirely impartial in the selection of parts and materials and includes:

Cold water storage tanks
1) Supply and installation of new cold water tanks and pipework.
2) Complete Water Regulation system upgrades.
3) Epoxy resin tank coatings and treatments (see photos).

Water softeners
1) Supply and installation of new water softeners.
2) Repair, service and maintenance of existing softener units.

Water Treatment Equipment
1) Bespoke design, installation, repair, service and maintenance of chemical and non-chemical treatment systems.

Evaporative cooling towers
1) Supply and installation of new chemical water treatment equipment.
2) Complete service and overhaul of existing units.
3) Supply and replacement of internal packing and drift eliminators.
4) Special epoxy resin coatings for interior and exterior.

Thermostatic Mixer Valves
1) Installation or TMV 1,2 and 3 valves, routine service and testing.

1) Removal of redundant pipework and items of equipment.
2) Removal or organic pipework jointing compounds.
3) Design and installation of pipework systems specifically to control legionellosis.
4) Supply and fitting of pipework insulation.


For further information please call our sales team on 0844 33 511 33
email sales@amphibia.co.uk or visit us at www.amphibia.co.uk




  Legionella Risk Assessment Bromley