Legionella Risk Assessment Bromley
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Sick Building Investigations

Almost everyone occasionally feels unwell because they are suffering from one or more common symptoms of discomfort such as headaches, dry throat or sore eyes. But there are occasions when, for no obvious reasons, people working in particular buildings experience these types of symptoms more often than is usual.

The symptoms tend to increase in severity with time spent in the building and improve over time or disappear completely when away from the building. These symptoms are often described as Sick Building Syndrome.

Sick Building Syndrome is not an illness. It is simply a term used to describe a collective group of workplace symptoms.

Our expertise and facilities allow us to test for a range of parameters commonly associated with SBS. These include two main categories:

Physical or Environmental Factors
Covering physical conditions:

1) Air quality (including ventilation, outdoor air supply and air movement).
2) Temperature, Humidity, Lighting and Noise.
3) Gases, Particulate and Bacteriological.
4) Office Equipment and Furnishings.
5) Maintenance of the building and building services systems.
6) Cleaning operations, including office furnishings.

Job Factors
Such as the variety and interest of particular jobs and people's ability to control certain aspects of their work and working environment:

1) Management Systems.
2) Work organisation, including display screen equipment work.

Amphibia's prompt and systematic investigation strategy results in a detailed report of our findings together with any necessary recommendations.

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