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Deep within your ships water and air systems may lurk some unwelcome visitors, like Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus or even Legionella pneumophila, the species of Legionella most commonly associated with Legionnaires' disease.

Because these organisms can present such a serious risk to health, the consequences of not keeping your water and air systems in a good hygienic condition can be fatal. This explains why shipping fleet owners and managers across the world now take such a serious view of the presence of such micro-organisms.

Freshwater Tank Disinfection

Our pioneering process for spray disinfecting fresh water tanks has set new standards for our industry. This innovative method for eradicating micro-organisms was developed by our consultants in 1992 to ensure water systems can be disinfected quickly and effectively with minimal disruption. We identified a specialist chemical for this purpose and have now been supplying this into the marine industry for two decades.

Bacteria in water systems will tend to attach to the internal surfaces and create a problematic biofilm in which microbiological ecosystems can thrive. Conventional chlorine dosing methods although used for many years, will not remove this bacteriological contamination. Most significantly, our unique process removes the biofilm and ensure that the system is clear of any regrowth.

Amphibia's unique spray disinfection process ensures there is far less water wastage, (particularly important at dock side where fresh water can be at a premium price). In fact, in most cases our specialist methods help clients save up to 2,000 tonnes of metered water per project.

It is quick, easy and more effective than older traditional techniques. Since the fresh water systems are rarely out of service for any more than 4 to 5 hours there is minimal disruption to staff and crew. Add to this equation that we use only a minute amount of environmentally friendly chemicals, does it really make sense to disinfect your fresh water systems any other way?

Air System Cleaning

Galley extraction systems on ships become contaminated very quickly due to there frequent use. The build up of hot oils and fats within the extract ductwork can present a serious fire risk if steps are not taken to remove all flammable substances. In fact, if your kitchen extract system caught fire and you were unable to provide a certificate to prove it was cleaned recently your insurance liability may be affected. Amphibia provide a deep clean service to ensure flammable contaminants and fire risks are controlled. A cleaning conformity certificate is provided on completion.

The air handlers and ductwork systems on board a vessel supply and extract air to/from spaces throughout the ship. In doing so, these systems control quality of breathing air to protect personnel and sensitive equipment from potentially hazardous airborne contaminants, fires, explosions, and excessive heat. When in a contaminated state, these systems can lose efficiency, fail to supply safe air, cause malfunction and even cause fire hazards.Many ventilation ducts are so small and inaccessible that cleaning becomes problematic and some areas are extremely hard to clean adequately. Our cleaning systems are designed to work in the tightest spaces where manual access would be impossible using the latest compressed air cleaning technology.

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