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Chemical Water Treatment

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In order to maintain water quality standards in buildings additional chemical treatment is sometimes required. Treatments introduced to a heating or chilled water system can reduce bio-fouling, slime masses and even inhibit corrosion.

A carefully selected treatment programme not only controls water quality but also elevates system life, efficiency and minimises long term operational, capital and environmental costs.

Steam raising boilers and hot water circuits are essential to many industrial processes and commercial properties. Amphibia provides an extensive range of boiler treatment programmes for all boiler types and pressures, from power plant on large industrial sites to small heating systems in commercial properties.

Cooling water systems are essential for many industrial processes and commercial air conditioning systems. Amphibia provide a complete suite of cooling water treatment programmes to air conditioning units and large industrial plant and equipment.

Due to the design and operational characteristics of many domestic water systems, and open evaporative cooling systems, microbiological contamination can occur.

In order that our clients meet legal and regulatory requirements, Amphibia provide a wide range of service programmes aimed specifically at controlling bacteriological activity, either as part of a planned maintenance programme or in response to emergency situations.

Amphibia's consultants have developed our own unique treatment strategies to ensure accuracy, repeatability and traceability of all test results. Furthermore, our dedicated Team are on hand to provide the highest level of technical support for all our customers where required.

All our chemical treatments meet or exceed the requirements of BS2486.

For your peace of mind, all our site teams are confined space and first aid certified.

For further information please call our sales team on 0844 33 511 33
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